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Filiz Naturell is a natural, non-carbonated spring water.


Our source lies in the heart of untouched nature, from the region of the western part of the Black Sea. The natural beauty of the mountain spring Kaplandede is located at an altitude of 1160 m, in the province of Düzce and is surrounded by beech, cedar and fir trees.

The water is transferred from the source using antibacterial pipe systems to the automatic filling system and bottled there untouched.

our mission

We bring the very best natural spring water to Europe - directly from the pristine spring of Kaplandede Mountain in Düzce, Turkey.

As true water lovers, it is important to us that our water is not only refreshing, but also meets the highest standards. With a perfect pH of 7.38 and carefully selected cations and anions, we have done extensive research to provide the ultimate water experience.

Every drop comes from a pristine source and contains important minerals to ensure optimal levels for healthy spring and drinking water.


Why is water so important for the body?

Water is essential for the human body. It supports vital functions such as hydration, temperature regulation, joint lubrication, digestion, cellular structure, energy production and skin health. It also promotes the excretion of waste materials and can help with weight control. Adequate hydration is crucial for maintaining these processes and promoting health.

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Wanderung zum Wasserfall

What makes the source of our water so special?

On the mountain of the source, numerous thriveChestnut trees. Theroot These trees are famous for keeping the water in their areaneutralize. This naturalCleaning processes contribute significantly to ensuring that our water is not only...delicious, but also extraordinarypure is.


Drink Filiz and feel the pure nature

Bottle after bottle of enjoyment, for optimal well-being and a high quality of life.

The original source of nature

Stay fresh, stay healthy! Treat yourself to 2 liters of our mineral-rich water every day to keep your body in top shape. It's the cool way to stay hydrated!

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  NATURAL             SOURCE

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Unique selling point

Filiz Naturell is of course certified with the green dot and protects the environment. This means that Filiz Naturell joins the range of waters that work with bottles that comply with the packaging law.


A unique selling point of Filiz Naturell is the TÜV SÜD ELAB GmbH certificate.
Our source in Turkey is certified with Helal, TSE-TS266, ISO 9001 and ISO 2200.

Filiz Naturell is a registered trademark and a German company. We are available to assist you on-site for all conceivable matters.

Our location

Our location is in the beating heart of Europe - in Cologne, Germany.

We are proud to be at home in this dynamic city, where culture, history and modern joie de vivre come together.

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